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Ignito Pulse // Game

A visually stunning combo game that takes the best of Snake, Megaman and Geometry Wars to create a totally new game. In Ignito Pulse you travel around neon arenas collecting orbs whilst fighting to blast a relentless onslaught of enemies.
The game one-liner:

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Ignito Pulse!

How To Play Ignito Pulse:

Arrow keys to move, Z and X to jump and shoot. Use C to drop bombs when you have them. The aim of Ignito Pulse is to follow the arrows to collect the orbs and power ups.

Game Stats:

Ignito Pulse has been played 2278 times so far on with 0 game plays today.

Ignito Pulse has an average game rating of 3/5:

Cheats & Walkthrough for Ignito Pulse

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