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Play Neverending Light Today is not going to be a good day. You are on a tour of some underground caves but something goes wrong and...
Play Zombie Survival Outbreak The best zombie flash game is back with an all new sequel. Survive the evil hordes of zombie killers, the...
Play Goliath The Soothsayer Some games are created just to scare you, Goliath The Soothsayer is one of them. Discover the hidden horrors...
Play Atrocities 2 The Revenge The sequel to the scary Atrocities game is bigger, bloodier and very scary. Another creepy house is under...
Play Atrocities Play the role of an investigative reporter who has assigned to explore the history of an old house, are you...
Play Dead Frontier A dark zombie killing game where the zombies appear from darkened corners of the room. Dead Frontier is a...
Play EXMORTIS You wake up in the woods with a lump on your head, you have no idea how you got there. You see a house in the...
Play Dark Cut 2 You are a medical officer on a battlefield and have to perform emergency surgery on near death patients. Dark...
Play Purgatorium An atmospheric escape the room game with a cold and fearful feel to it. Purgatorium starts in a small childs...
Play Death Trap (game has slow load time)A creepy escape the building game where you are being kept hostage by an evil...
Play Ask The Spirits A demonic Ouija Board game for those who want to step into the other side. Ask The Spirits is an interactive...
Play The House You awaken in a strange house and hear screams in the distance. You see a shadow move across the room -...
Play EXMORTIS 2 A dark and chilling game that will have your pulse racing as you wait for the next shocking scene. Exmortis 2...
Play FarWest Nightmare A dark and mysterious point and click game with horrific graphics and haunting sound effects. FarWest...
Play The Visitor A strange new life form has landed on earth, help the visitor find food and grow. This is an interactive role...
Play Zombie Survival A chilling zombie game with horrific graphics and gruesome creatures rising from graves. In Zombie Survival...
Play DEANIMATOR A chillng game inspired by a story by H.P. Lovecraft called Herbert West, Reanimator: Six Shots By Midnight....
Play The Hills Have Eyes Use your Geiger counter to track down the hidden mutants and reveal them. Turn up your volume to hear the...
Play Zombie Terror A small village is under siege from killer zombies and they need your help. Travel through the night and use...

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